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Zittau Narrow-Gauge Railway – Zittauer Schmalspurbahn

Certifications - Zittau Narrow-Gauge Railway – Zittauer Schmalspurbahn

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Sächsisch Oberlausitzer Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH
Bahnhofstraße 41
02763 Zittau

Tel.: +49-3583-540540
Fax: +49-3583-516462



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Zittau – Bertsdorf – Kurort Oybin / Kurort Jonsdorf

Puffing into the mountains ...

As early as in 1890, iron horses of the Zittau narrow gauge railway started carrying excursionists and vacationers into Germany's smallest low mountain range - the romantic Zittau Mountains. The "Zittau-Oybin-Jonsdorfer-Eisenbahngesellschaft" (ZOJE) was the first operator of this railway. In the vernacular the abbreviation means "Train without any hurry." Now and then, countless excursionists have been travelling into the mountains on these trains at a leisurely pace. Since the opening of the railway, numerous hotels and restaurants have sprung up around the route. They are still great places to enjoy Upper Lusatia's hospitality all year round.

The railway starts at Zittau station, near the quaint historic town centre, which is a gem in Upper Lusatia. The narrow gauge trains then go round this venerable town before continuing the route along Olbersdorf lake, a popular recreation area in Upper Lusatia. The next stop, after 8 kilometres, is Bertdorf station. The "Interessenverband der Zittauer Schmalspurbahnen" support society and the Saxon-Upper Lusatian Railway Company (Sächsisch-Oberlausitzer Eisenbahngesellschaft) commit to preserving the station building in its historic appearance. From here, you can choose between going to either Oybin or Jonsdorf health resort, or you may decide to stay overnight at the sophisticated Bahnhof Bertsdorf hotel. If you continue your journey to Oybin, the train will stop just below Oybin mountain, with ruins of a castle and monastery located on the top. But you should not miss out on a trip to Jonsdorf either. The charming health resort, with its many rustic Umgebindehäuser (timber-framed houses), is an ideal starting point for sportive activities, relaxing moments or interesting discoveries.

More than just rail travel

We ensure you a journey full of diversified experiences on a steam train of the Zittau narrow gauge railway. No matter where you get off the train, in the Zittau Mountains - the 100th German nature reserve - you will find countless opportunities to explore nature, enjoy Upper Lusatia's hospitality and take a break from everyday life. The operator, the Saxon-Upper Lusatian Railway Company, offers a varied program of theme tours and special excursions where you can ideally combine a steam train ride with sights and highlights of the Zittau Mountains nature reserve.

During the castle and monastery excursion to Oybin, a 'maid' dressed in medieval clothing will accompany you to show you the history of the castle and monastery in a fascinating atmosphere after you walked up the Oybin mountain together. The Zittau "Stadtwächter-Züge" (town guard trains) will take you into the history of the Old Town of Zittau. On board a gourmet train, you can savour seasonal culinary delights while the evening Zittau Mountain scenery is passing the train window. And on a "VHS-Zug" (adult education centre train) hauled by the Zittauer Triebwagen (railcar), you will learn a lot about the railway's history. Those who are especially interested in the history of vehicles, transport and technology will enjoy a tour on one of the "Zittauer Phänomenzüge" (Phänomen trains). The range of theme tours is completed by several music train tours offered on the second Saturday each month during the summer half-year. You will be listening to Dixie or brass band music on a panorama open-top train carriage. And for those who would like to get to know the Zittau narrow gauge railway in more detail, there are several interesting options and insights such as a signalbox visit in Bertsdorf, a driver's cab ride at Jonsdorf station or an honorary engine driver course.


Doppelausfahrt in Bertsdorf. 
© Mario England


Railroad Zittauer Schmalspurbahn


The Zittau Narrow Gauge Railway is located in the east part of Germany close to the border triangle of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.

Arrival by bus and train
You can reach the railway line easily accessible by train from Dresden and Görlitz, Zittau railway station in each connection consists of the narrow gauge trains.

Arrival by Car
To arrive by car, the B178 is recommended.


Triebwagen und Dampflok in Bertsdorf. 
Bahnhof Oybin 
© Sammlung K.Sächs.Sts.E.B. A. Linz

Operating times:

The Zittau narrow gauge railway runs almost daily with steam trains.


Extract from the tariff table

up to 9 stations Easy ride Round trip
Adults 12,00 € 18,00 €
Children 6,00 € 10,00 €