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Butterfly house in Jonsdorf

Certifications - Butterfly house in Jonsdorf

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Jonsdorfer Schmetterlingshaus GmbH
Frithjof Helle
Zittauer Straße 24
02796 Kurort Jonsdorf

Tel.: +49-35844-76420
Fax: +49-35844-76419



So close to the tropics ...

The butterfly and reptile house, which is the only one in Saxony, opened in February 2004. This fascinating marvel of the animal kingdom was established as a place for “relaxing, experiencing and learning.” The lush tropical vegetation of palm trees, ivy and banana trees in this house offers the perfect environment to experience the varied life of butterflies. A pond with tropical water plants, orchids and a waterfall increases the impression of a jungle landscape. Nectar plants and ripe fruit are ideal butterfly food sources. On branching paths, visitors will explore the varied life of butterflies. And you will also see reptiles. Our several hundred butterflies can freely fly without nets or cages. So every visitor can watch their remarkable flight characteristics, with shiny or sometimes concealing colours. The butterfly house is open all year round and provides access for disabled people.

Opening times:

The Jonsdorfer Butterfly House is open daily.
daily 10.00-18.00 Uhr