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Upper Lusatia

Upper Lusatia

Dining car on the Zittau narrow-gauge railway


Naturparkfleischerei Wagner
Schenkstraße 15
02763 Mittelherwigsdorf

Tel.: +49-3583-796611
Fax: +49-3583-7917449



... daily in the Zittauer Mountains

The train ride with the Zittauer narrow-gauge railway with a stop in the dining car. The dining car will be used after the main examination from April. In 2021, trains between Zittau and the spa town of Oybin will be delivered daily. Spoiled in the future the team of the nature park butchery Wagner from Mittelherwigsdorf on board as well as in the steam train café in the station building Kurort Oybin with a fresh offer of hot and cold food and drinks, among them mainly delicious and valuable delicacies from the region. For example, the coffee on offer comes from the Hainewalder roastery and can be enjoyed to an ice cream from the farm in Oberseifersdorf. The dining car itself is one of the smallest dining cars on Europe's railways. Together with the dining car and two other coupled passenger cars, it is possible to host up to 90 seats on the train. Groups on board are welcome after pre-registration and special gastronomic wishes can be fulfilled. Experience railway romance on your train journey from Zittau to Oybin and back, the enchanting panorama of the Zittauer Mountains in front of the train window and a pleasure experience in the dining car!