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Upper Lusatia

Upper Lusatia

Tourism Region of West Lusatia


Touristische Gebietsgemeinschaft Westlausitz e.V.
c/o Stadtverwaltung Bischofswerda
Altmarkt 1
01877 Bischofswerda

Tel.: +49-3528-4196-1039



Magnificent castles, traditional crafts and a smooth hilly landscape ideal for hikers and cyclists characterize West Lusatia. West Lusatia is part of Upper Lusatia and includes the region between Radeberg and Bischofswerda as well as Großharthau and Elstra.

Rammenau, Radeberg and Seifersdorf feature imposing castles which attract numerous guests. The Großharthau Castle Garden and the famous Seifersdorf Valley between Liegau-Augustusbad and Grünberg offer great parks.

Visitors with an interest in active pursuits will find well-signposted hiking trails for all needs in the region, as well as three cycle routes covering culture, production and nature, with numerous stops on the way. The range of activity offers in the region is completed by the Black Mountain Bike Park near Elstra, geocaching and beautiful outdoor pools.

The history of the region is on display in numerous museums, e.g. the Technical Museum of Ribbon Weaving in Großröhrsdorf, the Gingerbread Museum in Pulsnitz and the Old Stone Saw in Demitz-Thumitz. A free app is available on the subject of industrial culture, which follows the traces of the region's industrial development along a trail. Simply let yourself be amazed during your visit to West Lusatia!

Technisches Museum der Bandweberei in Großröhrsdorf 
© TGG Westlausitz – Lutz Weidler
Hochstein bei Elstra 
© TGG Westlausitz_Grafox