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Upper Lusatia

Upper Lusatia

Oberlausitzer Kfz-Veteranengemeinschaft (Upper Lusatia Automobile Veterans Association)


Oberlausitzer Kfz Veteranengemeinschaft
Siegfried Hertrampf
Hauptstraße 30
02747 Berthelsdorf

Tel.: +49-35873-2274
Fax: +49-35873-369666



Experience nostalgia ...

Upper Lusatia is popular among vintage car enthusiasts because it offers many well-attended events and festivals. The Automobile Veterans Association organizes big three-day festivals and smaller festivals specializing in a specific type of car. The 23rd Automobile Veterans Festival will be held in Strahwalde in June 2014. The festival has become a staple of the vintage car community not only in Saxony but all over Germany. As in past years, there will be over 500 vintage cars and way over 15,000 visitors this year. Another highlight is our participation in the HISTORIK MOBIL, a vintage vehicle festival taking place every year.