Ore Mountains and Chemnitz

Nature experiences and tradition in harmony

"Glück auf" (Good luck!) is an old miner's greeting used in the Ore Mountains since the 16th century. Both the discovery of large ore deposits and the name of the enchanting low mountain range date back to that time.

With the wealth generated through mining, many attractive old town centres with noble town houses were built in the mountain towns. As the local people are aware of their traditions and are deeply rooted to their soil, the mining tradition can still be experienced in many tourist mines. The mining traditions and customs of the Ore Mountains reach their peak every year during the Christmas period. Then, magnificent Christmas pyramids and candle arches placed in windows will turn the region into the so-called "German Christmas Land" with its incomparable atmosphere.

It will certainly fascinate you watching miners march at a miners' parade with their band playing and dressed according to the traditional rituals. Yet the Ore Mountains are worth visiting not only during the winter, when you will mostly find ideal conditions for winter sports. In every season, the region offers attractive leisure time activities for the whole family, from sports activities to relaxing wellness programs or local cuisine in cosy restaurants. You will find all this when you travel along the Saxon STEAM RAILWAY ROUTE through the Ore Mountains, an outstanding steam railway region. Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of a ride on the Preßnitztalbahn railway when passing through some delightful scenery. Or take a ride on the daily operated, steam-driven Fichtelbergbahn railway to Oberwiesenthal health resort, the highest town in Germany. Numerous other memorabilia of the formerly dense network of narrow-gauge steam railways in the Ore Mountains can be marveled at as you visit the stations of the STEAM RAILWAY ROUTE.
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Bahnhof Eppendorf
Museumsbahnhof Markersdorf-Taura
Bahnbetriebswerk Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf
Stationsschild - Bahnbetriebswerk Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf
Technikmuseum Seilablaufanlage Chemnitz-Hilbersdf
Parkeisenbahn Chemnitz
Stationsschild - Parkeisenbahn Chemnitz
Sächsisches Industriemuseum Chemnitz
Straßenbahnmuseum Chemnitz
Bahnhof Oberherold
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Oberherold
Bahnhof Geyer
Modellbahnland Schönfeld-Wiesa
Bahnhof Wolkenstein
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Wolkenstein
Bahnhof Steinbach
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Steinbach
Bahnhof Schmalzgrube
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Schmalzgrube
Bahnhof Schlössel
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Schlössel
Bahnhof Jöhstadt
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Jöhstadt
Bahnhof Schlettau
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Schlettau
Königlich-sächsischer Museumsbahnhof Walthersdorf
Bahnhof Cranzahl
Schauwerkstatt "zum Weihrichkarzl"/Bf Neudorf
Bahnhof Kurort Oberwiesenthal