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Ore Mountains and Chemnitz

Ore Mountains and Chemnitz

Preserve historic station Eppendorf


Altes Bahnhofsviertel Eppendorf e.V.
Postanschrift c/o Ulrike Seyfert
Großwaltersdorfer Straße 11
09575 Eppendorf



Bringing new life to the old railway station ...

The local initiative's aim is to preserve historic buildings in the center of Eppendorf, such as the old school building, former station building and engine shed, and put them to public use. Eppendorf was situated in the center of the former Hetzdorf – Eppendorf – Grosswaltersdorf narrow-gauge railway line, to which the community owed its growth. After the abandonment of the railway line in the late 1960s and track removal, the station building, engine shed and adjacent buildings as well as the nearby Alte Schule (old school building) survived. Immediately, the first steps were taken to preserve the buildings. Thus, the engine shed was restored, and the roof truss of the station building was replaced. These restoration works will continue over the next couple of years.
Eine Dampflok Ende 1967 vor dem Lokschuppen Eppendorf 
© Slg. Heiko Vogler