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Ore Mountains and Chemnitz


Eisenbahn-Bau- und Betriebsgesellschaft
Pressnitztalbahn mbH
Am Bahnhof 78
09477 Jöhstadt

Tel.: +49-3-73-43-80-80-0-
Fax: +49-3-73-43-80-80-9



Press GmbH – Eisenbahnbau- und Betriebsgesellschaft company Jöhstadt

The "blue fleet" of the PRESS company ...

The Eisenbahn-Bau- und Betriebsgesellschaft Pressnitztalbahn mbH is a public railway transport company licensed by the Free State of Saxony. About 160 well-trained employees provide construction train, logistics and freight train services. Since 2008, the company has also been involved in public regional rail passenger transport. Among its customers are, among others, railway construction companies, Deutsche Bahn AG, forwarding agencies, logistics companies and other businesses. We at the PRESS company take pride in providing individual consulting, flexibility, expertise and short-term availability of our quality services. Our company holds 30 locomotives, 1 railcar as well as numerous goods wagons. Heavy goods transport of narrow gauge rail vehicles on the road is one of our specialty services. At the timetable change in December 2009, the PRESS company, operating the Rügensche BäderBahn railway, added to its services the short distance public transport on the standard gauge line from the town of Bergen auf Rügen to Lauterbach Mole for the coming nine years. Modern Regio-Shuttle RS1 railcars have been employed on the line.


Vehicles of the PRESS

High-speed steam locomotive 01 0509-8

The oil-fired express train steam locomotive 01 0509-8 belongs to Class 01.5 of the former Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR).
Since 1986, the locomotive has been one of the most famous German museum locomotives.

Series 01.50
Bauart 2'C1'h2
Gattung S 36.20
Höchstgeschwindigkeit  130 km/h
Hersteller Friedrich Krupp Aktiengesellschaft in Essen, number 1426 als 01 143
Baujahr 1935
Schnellzug Rekolokomotive der Deutschen Reichsbahn , 1962-1963, 35 Stück, Raw Meiningen,
ca. 1839 kW

Diesel locomotive for long distances 112 565-7

This locomotive was built by VEB Lokomotivbau Elektromaschinenwerke "Hans Beimler" (LEW) in Hennigsdorf near Berlin on behalf of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. At the Leipzig Spring Fair in 1964 this type locomotive with 1000 hp was presented.

Series V 100
Bauart B'B'
Hersteller VEB Lokomotivbau Elektrotechnische Werke (LEW) „Hans Beimler“, Hennigsdorf,
mit der Betriebsnummer 110 565-9
Baujahr 1973
Streckendiesellokomotive der Deutschen Reichsbahn, 1966-1985, ca. 1146 Stück, ca. 1100 kW
Reko Raw Stendal, 1982
Motor Bauart 12 KVD mit nunmehr 1.200 PS vom Hersteller VEB Motorenwerk Johannisthal


The PRESS operates your special trains on selected dates.