Saxon Switzerland / Eastern Ore Mountains

From the montane region to the national park
One of the most beautiful parts of the Saxon STEAM RAILWAY ROUTE runs south of Dresden along the daily operated steam-driven Weißeritztalbahn railway to the Eastern Ore Mountains, then continuing up to the crest of the Ore Mountains, to the town of Altenberg, through the wild romantic Müglitztal valley and down to the town of Heidenau.

From there the Route turns into the Saxon Switzerland, a unique sandstone mountain range that has been declared a national park. So we suggest you first explore the eastern part of the Ore Mountains, with their one-of-a-kind montane region. It is the largest landscape conservation area (440 square kilometres/170 square miles) in the Free State of Saxony, offering its visitors pristine nature and vernacular architecture. This mountain range derives its name especially from the silver ore mining that was done here.

Yet since the early days of narrow gauge railways, tourism has also developed in this region. Charming spa and health resorts, offering a variety of bed and breakfast accommodation, country inns and sights, were created. Restful hiking trails were built, and countless opportunities for sporting activities that are fun for the whole family were created. In the picturesque Saxon Switzerland, you will be impressed not only by the sandstone rock formations but also by the idyllic holiday destinations or the health resort, Bad Schandau, with its extraordinary spa facilities, or the popular Elbe bike trail. All this will guarantee you a wonderful holiday, where nothing will be missing. Admirers of historic means of transport can enjoy a tour on the Elbe river, on a boat of the world's largest fleet of paddle steamers, or on a historic tram running through the Kirnitzschtal valley. In addition, the Netzwerk Bahnerlebnis Sächsische Schweiz network provides offers for railway adventure trips on different gauges.
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Bahnhof Freital-Hainsberg
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Freital-Hainsberg
Bahnhof Rabenau
Bahnhof Kurort Kipsdorf
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Kurort Kipsdorf
Bahnhof Altenberg Altes Empfangsgebäude
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Altenberg Altes Empfangsgebäude
Bahnhof Altenberg Neues Empfangsgebäude
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Altenberg Neues Empfangsgebäude
Bahnhof Bärenstein
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Bärenstein
Kirnitzschtalbahn/Bad Schandau
Stationsschild - Kirnitzschtalbahn/Bad Schandau
Bahnhof Goßdorf-Kohlmühle
Bahnhof Lohsdorf
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Lohsdorf
Tillig Modellbahnen/ Modellbahngalerie
Stationsschild - Tillig Modellbahnen/ Modellbahngalerie
Bahnhof Edle Krone
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Edle Krone