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Dresdner Straße 61 (Abfahrtsstelle)
01833 Wilschdorf

Mobil: +49-162-6997892
Fax: +49-39931-54641



By muscle strength through the Karswald Forest on the outskirts of Dresden
Even after the August floods of 2002, international express trains and heavy goods trains were still running here during the summer of 2003 – however, on February 1, 2007, the railroad line between Arnsdorf (located near Dresden) and Dürrröhrsdorf (located on the edge of Saxon Switzerland) was shut down. This literally brought silence to the rails running through the Karswald Forest.
As of 2018, the muscle-powered vehicles of the Saxony Draisine have brought life back to the almost eight kilometer (five mile) long track. This unique leisure activity just outside Dresden starts at the rental station on the Federal Road 6 between Rossendorf and Fischbach. There you can take either a bicycle draisine south towards Dürrröhrsdorf-Dittersbach or a hand draisine north towards Arnsdorf.
Bicycle draisines are designed for two to four people, hand draisines for eight to fourteen people. While two riders pedal on the former, the hand draisines demand the arm strength of four people each. Both types of vehicles can be equipped with tarpaulins or umbrellas. Seats – and therefore workplaces – can be changed during the ride to avoid sore muscles.
Whether laughing, panting or simply riding along in harmony – every draisine passenger will absorb the beauty of the Karswald Forest! This very special train will definitely be a memorable experience!
Fahrrad-Draisine im Karswald 
© Sachsendraisine


The duration of each tour is at most two hours with departures at 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm. The hand draisine section to and from Arnsdorf is around six kilometers (four miles) long. The bicycle draisine section to and from Dürrröhrsdorf is around ten kilometers (six miles) long.


You can get to the departure point by car, bus, bicycle or on foot – but not by train! For the bus, take Line 261 (running from Dresden main station to Sebnitz) and get off at the bus stop Abzweig Wilschdorf in Fischbach. The entrance to the departure point is located between the gas station and the road bridge over the railroad.


The official draisine season begins in April and ends on October 31.
For groups of 20 people or more, individual winter trips with the hand draisines (€ 150 per draisine) are offered upon request.


The fee for using a bicycle draisine for a maximum of two hours is € 35 – regardless of how many people (minimum two, maximum four) ride the bicycle draisine.
The fee for the maximum two-hour use of one of the large hand draisine is €  105 – regardless of how many people (minimum eight, maximum twelve) travel on the hand draisine.
Hint: Make a gift of a draisine ride! Vouchers can be ordered at any time via the Saxony Draisine website.