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Förderverein „Edle Krone“ e.V.
Tharandter Straße 56 a
01774 Klingenberg OT Edle Krone

Tel.: +49-35055-699465
Fax: +49-35055-699466



Welcome to the railway station at Tharandt Forest (Tharandter Wald) ...

According to the region's people, Edle Krone railway station at Tharandt Forest along the Saxon trunk line was long considered the nicest railway station of the area. The landmarked station log house, built in the style of a horse mill from early mining days, was saved from ruin by the "Edle Krone“ e.V. supporting association. The building shall again be put to meaningful use as a meeting and hiking point by licence agreement with the community of Höckendorf. As the first highlight in this connection, two steam trains simultaneously rode into the Edle Krone tunnel during the 3rd Dresden Steam Festival in 2012. If you seek to explore the hiking paradise of Tharandt Forest, we encourage you to start your excursion at Edle Krone station, which can easily be reached by train from Dresden, Freital, Freiberg, Chemnitz or other towns and villages along the Saxon trunk line.

Opening times

The station is open every other weekend from April to October.


Admission to the Open Train Station is free of charge.