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Annegret & Christian Helm GbR
Bahnhofstraße 1
01816 Bad Gottleuba

Tel.: +49-35-023-52-7-705



Enjoy music and cabaret in Saxony and stay overnight in a historic railway car!

The gripping prequel
From 1905 to 1970, a passenger steam railway line was operated between Pirna and Bad Gottleuba, with freight traffic being continued until 1976. After that, the tracks were torn down in what is now the spa town of Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel; however, in the early 2010s, the Helm family started restoring the reception building of the former Bad Gottleuba station. Several family attractions have been added around the building since then. For instance, during the warm season, kids can have great fun operating a little train under adult supervision on a 5-inch track next to a cozy seating area.


In 2015, Christian Helm brought a two-axle passenger car with open platforms to Gottleuba, putting it on a short reconstructed piece of track next to the old platform. The typical branch line passenger car was built in Uerdingen (a district of the city of Krefeld) in 1928. It then was converted into a 5-bed vacation home furnished with a cozy upholstered seating area in the style of the former German Reichsbahn and a TV. This place owes its unique atmosphere to various railway paraphernalia, such as train destination signs and lanterns. Overnight guests can use the kitchen and sanitary facilities in the historic outbuilding right next to the railway car.
Der Übernachtungswagen in Gottleuba 
© Fam. Helm


Next to the former station premises, you can explore a children's playground and the spa town's Goethe Park with an idyllic lake and numerous benches for rest and relaxation.
In addition, the Helm family is holding cultural events in the old station again soon. You are welcome to visit Bad Gottleuba cultural station or make a reservation for the vacation car!


Annegret & Christian Helm GbR
Bahnhofstraße 1
01816 Bad Gottleuba-Bergießhübel

Tel.: 035 023 / 52 7 705