Leipzig Region

Explore culture and nature between the Elbe and Mulde rivers!

No matter whether you love nature; like to explore buildings of past centuries; want to go hiking, cycling, horseback riding; or just want to be pampered; there will be something for everyone. All visitors planning to explore the landscape of Saxony's castle and heathland region by car, railway or in a different way, will have the chance to make their own discoveries. The warmth of Saxons and the exemplary Saxon cosiness along with the delicious regional cuisine will give your stay a really special atmosphere.

In the heart of Saxony's castle and heathland region, you will find the woodlands of Dahlen Heath as well as Wermsdorf Forest offering extensive hiking and biking trails. And where, other than in the heart of Saxony's stunning castle and heathland region, could be a better place for the Saxon STEAM RAILWAY ROUTE to start? You could start your journey through the Free State by taking a ride on the Döllnitzbahn railway. The Döllnitzbahn railway will take you from the town of Oschatz, where restored historic buildings and alleys keep the pulse of a former epoch, out into the country. Passing rivers, meadows and fields, you will reach districts of the commune of Sornzig-Ablass in addition to the commune of Naundorf and the town of Mügeln.
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Eisenbahnmuseum Leipzig-Plagwitz
Parkeisenbahn Auensee Leipzig
Leipzig Hauptbahnhof
Bahnhof Regis-Breitingen (Kohlebahn)
Bahnhof Wermsdorf
Bahnhof Glossen
Bahnhof Kemmlitz
Bahnhof Mügeln
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Mügeln
Gasthof Schweta/ Haltepunkt Schweta Gasthof
Stationsschild - Gasthof Schweta/ Haltepunkt Schweta Gasthof
Bahnhof Oschatz Süd
Stationsschild - Bahnhof Oschatz Süd
Mobilitätszentrale Bahnhof Oschatz
Stationsschild - Mobilitätszentrale Bahnhof Oschatz