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Stadtverwaltung Mügeln
Markt 1
04769 Mügeln

Tel.: +49-34362-4100
Fax: +49-34362-41065



A small town with a big train station ...

This picturesque town in the lowland on the Döllnitz river has more than 1000 years of turbulent history. Craftsmanship and agriculture were important pillars of the small-town economy of Mügeln, a former Slavic settlement. Opened in 1884, the narrow gauge railway made a significant contribution to the industrial development.

The station in Mügeln, once one of the largest narrow gauge train stations in Europe, is a popular destination for day visitors and tourists - not only during events such as railway and vintage car festivals, which attract visitors from far and wide. Also the castle of Ruhetal in the northern part of Mügeln is worth a visit. The Society of the Friends of the castle is active in supporting the wise use and preservation of the traditional castle.


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Stadtführung in Mügeln

Stadtführung in Mügeln
Stadt Mügeln

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