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... Enjoy 1,000 years of history on 100 kilometres of rivers, the castle romance with a charm all of its own, and the picturesque heath landscapes with beavers still building lodges. Between the Elbe and Mulde rivers, many people would expect to find only industrial landscapes of this century. However, along the Mulde river, you will find an impressive number of traces of Saxon history of a great historical and cultural value. Aristocratic houses and churches from all art epochs of last century create a surprising harmony with the lovely nature.

In addition, the region boasts gorgeous town halls and alleys steeped in history. The Saxon land of castles and heath is the ideal place for hiking, boating or cycling. And those who like horseback riding will find a great number of stables to choose from. In many places, buildings are gradually renovated. So, baroque and timber-framed gables shine in new splendor. Often the red Rochlitzer Porphyr gives buildings their own visual character. Gastronomy offers specialties perfectly in line with the white-green flag of Saxony. After all, local beer was already very appealing to the King of Sweden in the Thirty Years War. So give it a try and see if you like it. The Saxon land of castles and heath awaits you. We at the "Saxon land of castles and heath" tourism association will be happy to help you discover the Saxon land of castles and heath.



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