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Leipzig Region

Railroad Postcard Museum at the Railway Station Oschatz South


c/o DBV Förderverein „Wilder Robert“ e.V.
Freiherr-vom-Stein-Promenade 1E
04758 Oschatz

Tel.: +49-178-8034175



Every Sunday, visitors of the Railroad Postcard Museum can explore the history of transportation on interesting postcards, many of which are displayed as enlargements on the walls. Among the different categories are images of locomotives, railroad stations, railroad accidents, light railroads, horse-drawn railroads and even railroad ferries, as the locations covered extend far beyond Saxony and Germany.

Finally, the museum also exhibits humorous railway-related postcards, postcards with model railway motives and cards with advertising or propaganda. Even exhibits on the history of railroad mail and books in which postcards are printed are collected at the Railway Station Oschatz South.