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Interessengemeinschaft Traditionslok 58 3047 e.V.
Scheermühlenstraße 5
08371 Glauchau

Tel.: +49-3763-7782864
Fax: +49-3763-4021013



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Bahnbetriebswerk Glauchau

... Maintaining a tradition with passion

In 1989, the passion for steam locomotives led to the foundation of the IG Traditionslok 58 3047 e.V. association, which has been active as a group of the Stiftung Bahn-Sozialwerk (Foundation Railway Social work). The engine shed in Glauchau houses a collection of rail vehicles, including further locomotives of all traction types, which has been built up over the past decades. The association has offered attractive special events and train rides, so that people can experience these vehicles in real operation.




Location Bahnbetriebswerk Glauchau


The depot is located in the north of the city on Glauchau station. Glauchau can be found south of the A4 motorway in western Saxony.

Arrival by bus and train

You can arrive with the trains on the line Dresden – Hof each up Glauchau station. From the station, walk about 1.3 km: turn left and along Rosa Luxembourg Street, Alba Road, cross under the left on Lung joke valley road railroad tracks, then turn left to the shear mill road and on to the museum. Information on the timetables of trains and buses is available online at the Central Saxony Transport Association (VMS).

Arrival by Car
From the motorway A4 exit Glauchau, Waldenburg and Rochlitz you use the new bypass, the W175. Drive towards Zwickau. Drive along the trough. The following is a traffic light. Here, turn left towards Reinholdshain, Niederlungwitz and Lichtenstein. These traffic lights, pass on towards Zwickau. At the next traffic light junction on the B175 (about 600m further) turn to the left. It is signposted with Glauchau center and a height limit of 3.80 meters. You will see on the left the company BMG. According to the premises of BMG, you must turn left. The crossing is located immediately before the railway bridge. There is a sign indicating IG 58 3047 at the intersection.

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Rolling Stock Friends of Steam Locomotives 58 3047 Glauchau


Steam locomotives

Baureihe 23.10 / 35.10
Bauart 1´C1´h2
Schlepptender-Personenzuglokomotiven der Deutschen Reichsbahn, 1955 - 1959, ca. 113 Stück, LKM Babelsberg, ca. 1250 kW

Hersteller LKM Babelsberg
35 1097-1 Baujahr 1959 Fabriknummer 123097

50 1849-4 (Güterzug-Dampflokomotive, Baujahr 1940, Leihgabe DB)
58 3047-6 (Güterzug-Dampflokomotive, Baujahr 1920/1961, Leihgabe DB)

Diesel locomotives

Baureihe V 180 / 118
Bauart C´C´
Streckendiesellokomotiven der Deutschen Reichsbahn, 1966 - 1970, VEB Lokomotivbau „Karl Marx“ Potsdam-Babelsberg., 206 Stück, ca. 2 x 1200 PS

Hersteller VEB Lokomotivbau „Karl Marx“ Potsdam-Babelsberg
118 770 Baujahr 1969 Fabriknummer 280179

100 126-2 (Kleindiesellokomotive Typ Kö, Baujahr 1962)
102 182-3 (Kleindiesellokomotive "Gartenlaube", Baujahr 1971)




Bahnhof Glauchau. 
© Ansichtskarten Sammlung A Linz

Opening times:

Selected journeys with special trains take place.