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Ore Mountains and Chemnitz

Ore Mountains and Chemnitz

Klein-Erzgebirge Oederan (Ore Mountains miniature park in Oederan)

Certifications - Klein-Erzgebirge Oederan (Ore Mountains miniature park in Oederan)

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Klein-Erzgebirge Oederan
Klein-Erzgebirge e.V.
Richard-Wagner-Straße 2
09569 Oederan

Tel.: +49-37292-284122
Fax: +49-37292-284139




Experience the local spirit! ...

The oldest miniature park in the world shows Ore Mountain landscape scenes caringly crafted with careful attention to detail.
You will see typical houses of the Ore Mountains in front of a miniature panorama of delicate castles, imposing palaces, small churches and even figurines that move. At the "Klein-Erzgebirge“ miniature park, you can go on a unique journey, exploring a region steeped in tradition and culture. Depicted are remarkable buildings, the work of miners and old craftsmanship as well as railways and bridges. The scenery comes alive with figurines washing their clothes, cutting wood, painting a fence or kids rollicking about on a playground.

Triebwagen auf der Gartenbahn im Klein Erzgebirge. 
© Pressebild Klein-Erzgebirge Oederan e.V.


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Opening times:

Das Klein-Erzgebirge hat jeweils von April bis Oktober geöffnet.

täglich 10 bis 18 Uhr
letzter Einlass 17 Uhr

admission Prices:

Extract from the tariff table.
Adults 10,00 €
Seniors 8,00 €
Reduced admission 8,00 €
Children 4 - 14 Jahre 5,00 €
Family card                                         
2 adults and up to 3 children
(4-14 years)
24,00 €