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Ore Mountains and Chemnitz

Ore Mountains and Chemnitz

Eisenbahnverein Bahnhof Schlettau e.V. (Schlettau railway station association)


Bahnhof Schlettau e.V.
Böhmische Str. 11
09487 Schlettau

Tel.: +49-3733-65017
Mobil: +49-162-1807739
Fax: +49-3733-671582


Bahnhof Schlettau

A railway station with a remarkable history ...

Our railway association opens the historic station building dating from the 19th century during days of operation of the Erzgebirgische Aussichtsbahn railway and during special train rides on the railway line from Annaberg-Buchholz to Schwarzenberg. Within the station building you will find a ticket office preserved in its original state, baggage handling room and exhibition areas illustrating the history of the station. Furthermore, technophiles will certainly enjoy taking a look at the protected switch locking mechanism.

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