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Upper Lusatia

Upper Lusatia

Städtische Museen Zittau – Zittau Municipal Museums

Certifications - Städtische Museen Zittau – Zittau Municipal Museums

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Städtische Museen Zittau
Klosterstraße 3
02763 Zittau

Tel.: +49-3583-554790



The museum collections feature two precious textiles: the large Zittau Lenten veil (1472) at the Museum Kirche zum Heiligen Kreuz (Church of the Holy Cross), measuring 8.2 meters in height and 6.8 meters in length; and the small Zittau Lenten veil (1573) at the former Franciscan monastery. Originally used for veiling the altar and choir during the Lenten period, today the Lenten veils invite you to contemplate and linger. The former Franciscan monastery reveals medieval structures such as a church, cloister, chapter house, and dormitory for the monks. In addition to a historical collection of rarities in the baroque cabinet of curiosities, the collection of historical torture tools and the municipal armory provide impressive insights into the history of Zittau. Both the picturesque monastery courtyard with precious baroque vault houses and the monastery church with its epitaph treasure have been restored.

Opening times:

Tuesday–Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Guided tours on request
Audio guide: German, English, Czech, Polish