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Upper Lusatia


Sächsisches Industriemuseum
Energiefabrik Knappenrode
Werminghoffstraße 20
02977 Hoyerswerda
OT Knappenrode

Tel.: +49-3571-6070340



Hoyerswerda / OT Knappenrode

Lusatian mining museum Knappenrode ...

After you have put on a yellow protective helmet and checked your shoes, the tour can start, leading you through an impressive historic factory. Every year, thousands of big and small "coal miners" visit the Energy Factory Knappenrode. Its linchpin is the almost 100-year-old briquette factory. Since 1994, the Lusatian Mining Museum with an exhibition area of over 25 hectares, can be explored in the factory building. Here you can watch machines in operation to understand which levers have to be moved to generate energy. Enjoy a visit to the Energy Factory Knappenrode with the whole family! You can take a guided tour, visit our permanent and special exhibitions, watch presentations of mining vehicles and machines or even ride a hand-lever draisine.


Museum location Energy Factory Knappenrode


The Knappenrode energy factory is located in the district of Knappenrode in the town of Hoyerswerda.

Getting there by bus & train

You can arrive by regional train RE 10/11/18 on the line Leipzig – Falkenberg – Ruhland – Hoyerswerda (course book page 228). The "schichtbus" from Hoyerswerda and Bautzen (line 103) runs several times a day to the Knappenrode energy factory.

How to get there by car

Turn off the B96 in Maukendorf to Knappenrode. Follow the signs to the museum on Hauptstraße via Lessing- and Ernst-Thälmann-Straße.

Opening times:

Montag geschlossen
Dienstag - Sonntag, Feiertag 10 - 18 Uhr


Admission Prices:

Auszug aus den Tarifen
Erwachsene 7,00 €
Ermäßigte (Schüler, Auszubildende, Studenten,
Freiwillige Wehr- und Bundesfreiwilligendienstleistende,
4,00 €
Kinder bis 6 Jahre frei