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Upper Lusatia


Pension Steffi
Herwigsdorfer Straße 27
02708 Löbau

Tel.: +49-3585-402375
Fax: +49-3585-402352



For a pleasant stay in Löbau ...

Pension Steffi guesthouse is located at the foot of Löbauer Berg mountain, just a 10-minute walk from the train station. Its location is ideal for hiking or exploring the old town of Löbau. And whether you fancy delicious food or a refreshing drink, Pension Steffi has a cosy restaurant with room for 25 guests and a beer garden. The guesthouse also offers a gorgeous conference/party hall accommodating up to 65 guests. Our guesthouse has five double rooms and two three-bed rooms with cable TV, shower and toilet.

Opening times:

Monday to Friday from 4 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday, holidays from 11 a.m.
Thursday Closed


Mehrtagesreisen (Termin frei wählbar)

Übernachten in Löbau unweit vom Maschinenhaus von 1859

Übernachten in Löbau unweit vom Maschinenhaus von 1859
Pension Steffi, Löbau

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