Ore Mountains and Chemnitz

Ore Mountain Safari

Ore Mountain Safari
Nature, tradition, adventure and fun… experience what others only dream about

We would like to take you on a tour of the secrets of the Ore Mountains in the legendary Land Rover Defender. Get to know our local mountains in small groups of 2-8 people. Hidden corners, gorgeous views, pristine nature, as well as technical and historical rarities are waiting to be discovered. It’s a great sight to behold when an old steam-engine chugs up the mountain, when whistling trains run full steam ahead through meadows and forests filled with happy people.
Or would you rather see the Ore Mountains at a more adventurous and faced-paced speed? Head down into the valley on 2 or 3 wheels, while taking breaks in hidden nooks and admiring beautiful views. We recommend our Safari restaurant to those who enjoy food. Just bring enough hunger with you, as the innkeepers are waiting for you.
Each day is customised and every tour is unique. We look forward to spending the day with you!



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