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Eisenbahnnostalgie im Vogtland
Herr Mike Pester
Bahnhofstraße 17
08485 Irfersgrün

Tel.: +49-37606-33035
Fax: +49-37606-2788



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Sonderzug von Adorf (Vogtl) zur Bergparade Schwarzenberg



Irfersgrün / Adorf

Enjoy a ride on a railbus ...

We from the campsite and holiday park in Irfersgrün have been dedicated to the restoration, maintenance and operation of Class 171/172 railbuses of the former Deutsche Reichsbahn (the state-owned railways in East Germany) for several years. Nicknamed, for instance, "Ferkeltaxe" (Piglet taxi) or "Blutblase" (Blood blister), these railbuses were very useful means of transport on many branch lines. Several vehicles (all in good condition) of "Eisenbahnnostalgie Vogtland" are located at the historic railway yard in Adorf (Vogtland). Special rides on the railbuses are offered by the Wisentatalbahn e.V. support association and Erzgebirgische Aussichtsbahn railway. Besides, you may rent such a railbus for a business or private tour.



Vehicles Eisenbahnnostalgie Vogtland (Railway nostalgia)


771 056-9 (Railcar)
772 155-8 (Railcar)
772 312-5 (Railcar)
772 367-9 (Railcar)
972 771-0 (Control car)


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The railcars can also be rented for special trips. Up to 40 seats are available per vehicle.
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