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Museumsbahn Schönheide e.V.
Am Fuchsstein 20a
08304 Schönheide

Tel.: +49-37755-4303
Fax: +49-37755-2561



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Teddybärfahrten zum Kindertag (Sa) und „ostalgisch fotogen“ am So

01.06.2024 - 02.06.2024

Sommernachtsfahrten mit Mondscheinfahrt



Schönheide-Mitte – Neuheide – Stützengrün-Neulehn

Departure at the brush factory ...

The first, longest and steepest narrow gauge railway in Saxony used to run from Wilkau-Haßlau near Zwickau to Carlsfeld via Kirchberg, Rothenkirchen, Stützengrün and Schönheide. The route led through the Eastern Vogtland and Western Ore Mountains. Yet in 1977, the last section of the line was closed. Not wanting to see this railway shut down for ever, several railway enthusiasts founded the Museumsbahn Schönheide railway association in 1991. The association rebuilt the 4 km (2.49 mi.) stretch between Stützengrün and Schönheide and operates it as a museum railway today.

The following three IV K steam locomotives can be found at Schönheide station: nos. 99 516, 99 582 and 99 585. The first two are operable and run along the foot of Kuhberg and Fuchsstein mountains at several weekends of the year. The Museumsbahn Schönheide association, in cooperation with the FHWE association, has been organising a great railway event – the WCd narrow gauge festival – once a year since 2006.

In addition, a branch of the Schönheide registry office is located in one of the historic passenger coaches of the museum railway. Since 2007, you can officially marry here!


Dampfzug auf der Museumsbahn Schönheide. 
© Rotkopf Görg Verlagsgesellschaft mbH - A Linz


Railway Museumsbahn Schönheide


The Schönheide Museum Railway is located in the Western Ore Mountains between Aue and Plauen in the Vogtland.

Arriving by car

It can be reached by car via the B169 from Rodewisch or Schneeberg or via the B283 from the direction of Aue.


Dampflokparade vor dem Lokschuppen in Schönheide. 
© Rotkopf Görg Verlagsgesellschaft mbH - A Linz

Operating times:

The Museumsbahn Schönheide travels to selected dates.



Extract from the tariff table:

  One Way back and forth
Adults 4,00 € 7,00 €
Reduced 3,00 € 4,00 €


Family Tickets -
2 adults and 2 children
18,00 €
day ticket 15,00 €
Weekend ticket 25,00 €