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Eisenbahntradition Zwickau
Horchstraße 2

Tel.: +49-375-44796981
Mobil: +49-1590-6030569



Railway tradition in Zwickau

Maintaining the tradition of the railway

Since 1979, the Zwickau Eisenbahntradition (railway tradition) Bahn-Sozialwerk (BSW) foundation has been part of the joint foundation of BSW and EWH (Eisenbahn-Waisenhort railway foundation).
In Zwickau, the maintenance of railway tradition began with the steam locomotive No. 50 849 and the Zwickau traditional train. Later, an extensive historical collection of railway uniforms, pieces of equipment and writings was established.
Our exhibitions held during railway festivals are enriched by Holger Böttcher's particularly interesting collection on the Royal Saxon State Railways. Visits to this collection can be arranged by calling us in advance.


Dienstag 14 bis 17 Uhr