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Gemeinde Breitenbrunn/ Erzgebirge
Hauptstraße 120
08359 Breitenbrunn

Tel.: +49-37756-1740



Under the banner of hammer and mallet ...

Breitenbrunn is a community in the Upper Ore Mountains, quaintly nestled between Rabenberg and Sauberg in the Schwarzwassertal valley above Schwarzenberg. The community consists of Antonsthal, Antonshöhe, Erlabrunn, Steinheidel, Rittersgrün and Tellerhäuser. Breitenbrunn has a population of about 6000. Popular tourist attractions include the following: St. Christoph heritage mine, Silberwäsche Technical Museum in the constituent community of Antonsthal, Christophoruskirche church dating from 1559, hunting lodge ruins, mining exhibition next to the post office, “Himmelswiese” nature reserve, and of course the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Rittersgrün.

Ortsblick Breitenbrunn 
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