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Förderverein Brückenbergbahn e.V.
Cainsdorfer Bergstrasse 7
08064 Zwickau

Fax: 037606/2788



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Öffentliche Fahrttag – Führerstandsmitfahrten

17.10.2020 - 18.10.2020


Zwickau Pöhlau - Zwickau Stadt

Brückenberg coal railway in Zwickau

The Brückenberg Coal Association was founded in Zwickau in 1855. 1978 was the last year of black coal extraction at the Martin Hoop Shaft No. IV. However, even before coal mining was discontinued, the coal railway had started to be used as an industrial railway, too. Then, with new industries replacing coal mining, the railway was rebuilt in the area of the Martin Hoop Shaft No. IV. Coal was still carried on the line, but now rather uphill to the power stations of Karl-Marx No. III and Martin Hoop No. IV. After 1990, there was a sudden decline in coal transport, resulting in the last trains running in December 1998. Today’s owner of the railway line is the Zwickau energy supply company.


Journey times:

The Bridge Mountain Coal Railway Zwickau runs on selected dates.