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Western Ore Mountains and Vogtland

Tourismusverband Vogtland e.V. (tourism association), Auerbach

Certifications - Tourismusverband Vogtland e.V. (tourism association), Auerbach

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Tourismusverband Vogtland e.V.
Göltzschtalstraße 16
08209 Auerbach

Tel.: +49-3744-188860
Fax: +49-3744-1888659



Explore the Vogtland region ...

The Vogtland is nestled in an enchanting low mountain range with mountains reaching over 900 metres, extensive hilly landscapes, idyllic valleys and meadows full of colourful flowers. Thus the region, whose people are known for being open and warm-hearted, is a popular holiday destination for visitors of all ages. There are many exciting and relaxing ways to explore the Vogtland, whether on foot, by bike on horseback or even on a steam train. The Vogtland region offers a wide variety of historical and modern attractions to be visited and admired. For example, the Vogtland has a 350-year-old tradition of musical instrument making. In the towns of Klingenthal, Markneukirchen, Schöneck and Erlbach, you can watch some of the over 100 artisans make musical instruments with masterly skill. Visit also the traditional Saxon State baths in the spa towns of Bad Elster and Bad Brambach, which are located near the “Musikwinkel” (music corner). With approx. 65,000 inhabitants, Plauen is the biggest city and the industrial and cultural centre of the Vogtland. The city became world-renowned for its “Plauener Spitze”, a delicate, filigree lace. In Netzschkau, you will find the Göltzsch Viaduct (Göltzschtalbrücke), the largest brick bridge in the world.

This extraordinary viaduct, which is still in use today as a railway bridge, was built between 1846 and 1851 out of 26 million bricks. Johann Andreas Schubert was the architect. If you are interested in cross-country or downhill skiing or snowboarding, you will find ideal conditions for winter sports in the region surrounding Schöneck and Klingenthal. The Vogtland Arena in Klingenthal - Europe's most modern large hill - is an example of visionary sports venue architecture. The ski jump area is used for all kinds of sports and cultural events throughout the year. Guided tours are available for visitors.


Mehrtagesreisen (Termin frei wählbar)

Wandern ohne Gepäck – zur größten Ziegelsteinbrücke der Welt

Wandern ohne Gepäck – zur größten Ziegelsteinbrücke der Welt
Tourismusverband Vogtland e.V., Auerbach

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