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Western Ore Mountains and Vogtland

Mülsengrund Railway in the municipality of Mülsen, district St. Micheln


Verein für Ortsgeschichte und Brauchtumspflege Mülsen St. Micheln e.V.
Arbeitskreis Mülsengrundbahn
Herbert-Heft-Straße 15
08132 Mülsen

Tel.: +49-37604-709741- (Stephan Klose)



An abolished narrow gauge railway ...

The members of the work group of the Heimatverein Mülsen St. Micheln e.V. local heritage association have been aiming at preserving the remaining parts of Mülsengrund Railway (from Mosel to Ortmannsdorf). In addition to the original waiting halls in Mülsen, districts St. Micheln and Stangendorf, our no. 494 (later 970-492) load railcar is especially noteworthy. The railcar was relocated from Döbeln to Niedermülsen in 2012. So Mülsen provides the perfect setting to illustrate the history of this railway, which had been starting in Mosel, meandering through the Mülsengrund valley before reaching Ortmannsdorf station. Operation ceased in 1951. From here, you can also enjoy a hike on the railway embankment towards Mosel or Ortmannsdorf.

Weg von Bushaltestelle zum Eisenbahnwagen 
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