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Dresden Elbe Region

Trammuseum Dresden-DVB, the public transport operator in Dresden


Straßenbahnmuseum Dresden e.V.
Trachenberger Straße 38
01129 Dresden

Fax: +49-351-8583598




The history of buses and tramways at the Tramway Museum …

Admire historical trams and busesin the Trachenberge district of Dresden!
The Tramway Museum, located at Trachenberger Strasse 38, was reopened in cooperation with the local transport heritage association (Verein Historische Kraftfahrzeuge des Dresdner Nahverkehrs e. V.). It has 39 tramways and 13 buses as well as utility vehicles on display. These include, for instance, the vintage tram "Grosser Hecht" ('Big Pike'), Tatra or vehicles made by IFA (Industrial Association for Vehicle Construction in the GDR). Moreover, visitors will find a great number of historical documents showing the history of DVB, such as historical maps, photos and writings. You can even take a look inside a nostalgic DVB office and the former staff canteen.


Vehicles of the Trammuseum Dresden



  309 (Typ "Berolina", Baujahr 1902)
  598 (Typ "UNION", Baujahr 1911, Ausstellungsstück)
  734 (Typ "MAN", Baujahr 1913)
  765 (Typ "MAN", Baujahr 1920, nicht betriebsfähig)
1644 (Typ "MAN", Baujahr 1925)
  937 (Typ "UNION", Baujahr 1927)
1716 (Typ "Großer Hecht", Baujahr 1931)
1820 (Typ "Kleiner Hecht", Baujahr 1938)
  854 (Typ "Erfurt", Baujahr 1942, ex Lockwitztalbahn, Ausstellungsstück)
1538 (Typ "LOWA", Baujahr 1956)
1587 (Typ "Gotha", Baujahr 1959)
1512 (Typ "Gotha", Baujahr 1960)
1734 (Typ "Gotha-Großraumwagen", Baujahr 1962)
2000 (Typ "Tatra T4D", Baujahr 1967)
1998 (bezeichnet als 222 998, Typ "Tatra T4D", Baujahr 1968)
226 001 (Typ "Tatra T6A2", Baujahr 1985)



Special vehicles



Opening times:

The museum is open on selected weekends.
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Admission Prices:

Children up to 14 years 2,00 €
adult 3,00 €
Family ticket (2 adult and up to 4 children up to 14 years) 7,00 €