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Tourismusverband Elbland Dresden e.V.
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... Enjoy your stay at the fascinating region around Dresden

The Elbe River, Germany's second largest river, shapes this holiday region from Dresden to Meissen and Torgau. Enjoy the Saxon wine country and the unique landscape along the river, where beautiful towns and quaint villages developed hundreds of years ago. Feel both the glory of Saxon history and the vibe of modern life here. The hearty hospitality and extraordinary cultural and recreation offers in the Saxon Elbland region will make your vacation an enthralling experience. You will certainly appreciate the magical Elbe landscape when visiting some of the castles and parks along the river or taking a bike tour on the International Elbe Cycle Route (Elberadweg). Another great activity is a tour on one of the steamboats of the largest and oldest fleet of historic paddle steamers in the world. Between Pirna and Diesbar-Seusslitz near Meissen, the Saxon Wine Route winds its way along the river and Elbe Cycle Route. The Saxon Wine Route is Germany's smallest and Europe's northeasternmost wine-producing region. Whether you stop off at a snug wine tavern, enjoy a cheerful wine festival in autumn or visit one of over 25 wineries, wine will always be the main theme. The 90-km- (56-mile-)long Saxon Wine Trail connects the highlights of the region and leads to the most scenic vineyards, lookouts and wine cellars. The cities and towns along the Elbe river, among them Pirna, Dresden, Radebeul, Meissen and Torgau, boast an incredible wealth of both historic and modern architecture and cultural offers. Visit, for example, the world-famous Meissen Porcelain Manufactory with its Demonstration Workshops. There are over 30 exhibitions and collections in the surrounding area of Dresden, such as the Karl-May-Museum Radebeul, which give insights into the history of Saxony. Numerous high-quality events are offered at castles, palaces, churches and wineries. Besides, the wine festivals in Radebeul and Meissen invite you to indulge in wines and culinary delights with all your senses.


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