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Dresden Elbe Region

Dresden Elbe Region

SVT ("Rapid Transit Multiple Unit" - DMU) class Görlitz company


SVT Görlitz gemeinnützige GmbH
Mobil: +49-174-18-66-305 (mittwochs von 18 bis 21 Uhr)




A train for Central Germany

For decades, the DMU class VT 18.16 (also known as SVT Görlitz) had been the flagship of the East German Railways. These high quality trains were operated on international routes to Scandinavia, Austria or Czechoslovakia. In particular, the train route of the Vindobona passenger train to Vienna via Prague was quite famous, with great importance attached to its fitments and condition. Even the catering on the train met international standards. Now, three of the eight trains that were built still exist; however, none of them is operational. Therefore, the aim of the project A Train for Central Germany is to restore a fast multiple unit of Class VT 18.16 and operate it as a special and charter train in the long term.

Location vehicle

Location vehicle SVT Görlitz

The SVT Görlitz is located in Dresden and is not accessible to the public.

opening hours:

The location of the SVT Görlitz is only accessible on opening days.