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Dresden Elbe Region

Eisenbahn-Romantik Reisen Maertens - Maertens Romantic Railway Trips


Eisenbahn-Romantik Reisen Maertens
Prohliser Allee 10
01239 Dresden

Tel.: +49-351-56393930
Fax: +49-351-2709102



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abgesagt – Mit dem Schnelltriebzug SVT Görlitz von Sachsen nach Bremen und zur Meyerwerft Papenburg

02.08.2024 - 04.08.2024

abgesagt: Im SVT-Görlitz-Sonderzug zur Schlössernacht nach Potsdam

08.08.2024 - 11.08.2024


Enhance your travel experience …

Since 1998, we at Eisenbahn-Romantik Reisen Maertens have been organising both memorable vacations and scenic rail adventure journeys. Everything had begun with a classic Glacier Express journey, but calls for narrow-gauge and steam railway journeys beyond Switzerland were growing louder. Thus, the itinerary now includes a number of destinations all over Europe to travel by train. The team of Eisenbahn-Romantik Reisen Maertens also arranges special railway adventure programs for tour groups planning to visit Saxony, a state with strong railway traditions.