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Ev.-Luth. Kirchgemeinde Johannes-Kreuz-Lukas Dresden - Konzertkasse
An der Kreuzkirche 6
01067 Dresden

Tel.: +49-351-4393939



Church of the Holy Cross

The Dresden Kreuzkirche, located on Altmarkt square, is the Evangelical-Lutheran main church and seat of the regional bishop of the Free State of Saxony. Seating over 3,000, it is the largest church building in Saxony. It is also home of the Dresden Kreuzchor boys' choir and the Kreuzorganisten (organists), making it a center of church music in Dresden.

Kreuzchor Vespers and other Vespers

Since 1371, these Vespers have been held at Dresden Kreuzkirche every Saturday at 5 p.m. Their special apeal to churchgoers from near and far has been documented during all the hundreds of years. Even today, the weekly Vespers are attended by several thousands of listeners. Together with famous soloists and orchestras as well as renowned guest ensembles, the choir performs a repertoire including, among others, elaborate cantatas and top-quality a cappella music.

Kreuzchor Concerts

The Dresden Kreuzchor is one of the world's oldest boys' choirs. For over 800 years already, the Dresden Kreuzkirche has been the choir’s home; where it regularly sings in Vespers, church services and concerts. The Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra and Staatskapelle Dresden are major artistic partners. Sacred music forms the core of the repertoire, expressing the Christian-humanistic character of the choir. Today, the Kreuzchor has about 125 members (called "Kruzianer") between the ages of 9 and 19. Alongside regular schooling, crucians attend individual singing and instrumental lessons. Intensive rehearsal and the magic of the ephemeral sound of a boy’s voice lay the foundations for the choir’s worldwide fame and reputation.



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Organ Concerts

The great Jehmlich Organ at the Kreuzkirche has 80 stops distributed over four manuals and pedal, and more than 6,300 pipes. It is the biggest instrument in Dresden, the capital city of the Free State of Saxony. With the so-called liegende Orgel (lying-down organ), the Kreuzkirche boasts an almost unique accompanying instrument on the chancel.

Dresden Organ Cycle

Holger Gehring, a Kreuzorganist who has assumed the function of the so-called organ custos of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra at the Kulturpalast concert hall, is one of the three church organists of Dresden’s inner-city churches. Under the concert series of the Dresden Organ Cycle, they play a varied program. Each concert has a theme, and numerous guest organists play stylistically different organs to take their listeners into the multifaceted world of organ music. In addition to German organists, performers from all over the world present the musical wealth of their countries.

Organ Summer

On hot summer days during the Saxon summer holidays, the Kreuzkirche, which maintains a pleasant temperature, is hosting the Organ Summer Concerts instead of Vespers. Holger Gehring, Kreuzorganist, and well-known guest organists from Germany and abroad will perform a musical firework on the organ.

New Year's Eve Organ Concert

This highlight, comprising festive music for seven trumpets, timpani and organ, is held at the Dresden Kreuzkirche at the turn of the year. Performers are the Dresden Trumpet Consort of the Staatskapelle Dresden and Holger Gehring (Kreuzorganist), who plays on the great Jehmlich Organ.

Opening hours Concert box office:

Opening hours – concert box office of the Kreuzkirche:

Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Saturday/Sunday closed