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Dresden Elbe Region

GASTHAUS ZUM BAHNHOF, (inn) in Ottendorf-Okrilla (a municipality in the Bautzen district)


Gasthaus Zum Bahnhof
Inhaber Mathias Clauß
Radeberger Straße 18
01458 Ottendorf-Okrilla

Tel.: +49-35205-54373
Fax: +49-35205-54317



Welcome to our inn with a railway connection! ...

Although the inn, opened in 1887, lies hidden in the town centre, it is conveniently situated right next to Ottendorf-Okrilla Station.
The façade has been renovated, but the interior has, for the most part, been preserved in its original state – with a large, rustic tiled stove, historic wall panels, five-pin billiards and railway-oriented fittings.
The family-owned inn has been popular among locals for over 125 years. Besides, it has been the starting point, nice stopover or final destination for tourists of all ages, whether hiking, biking or driving to Laussnitz Heath (Laussnitzer Heide), Seifersdorf Valley (Seifersdorfer Tal) or the 1,355-feet (413-metre) Keulenberg mountain. The tradition-steeped Gasthaus zum Bahnhof is the perfect place for enjoying a relaxing time or celebrating a special occasion, savouring great local food and drink (e.g., draught beer from four Saxon breweries), or playing billiards.