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Model railway

BEMO Modelleisenbahnen


BEMO Modelleisenbahnen GmbH & Co. KG
Stuttgarter Straße 59
73066 Uhingen

Tel.: +49-7161-38-9980
Fax: +49-7161-3899810


Model making at its best ...

Swiss models are the signature feature of Bemo. The company from Württemberg discovered Saxony several decades ago. In the beginning, 1:87 models of the Saxon IV K were produced. Then, in the 90s, BEMO vigorously expanded the development of models in the segment of Saxon narrow gauge railways.

The company designed new model steam locomotives of the Saxon Class V K and Class III K that were hardly conceivable before. Some of the construction kits cannot be bought any more. But there will certainly be a rerun of them in the future. BEMO also launches new items and then presents them to its customers. The range of model variants has been completed with replicas of Epoch V. Still, the company’s main focus remains on the development of models of Epochs III and IV.