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Law Office of Albert Pfeilsticker


Anwaltskanzlei Albert Pfeilsticker
Bahnhofstraße 7F
04758 Oschatz

Tel.: +49-3435-66200
Fax: +49-3435-662022



The law office, located in Oschatz, has been very involved in supporting the region's development. Actively engaged in the local and regional political environment, Attorney Pfeilsticker has been assisting, among others, the development of tourism and transport in Oschatz and North Saxony. As his law office and the branches in Wermsdorf and Riesa are near the Döllnitzbahn railway, he feels very connected to the railway. So he bought a train station sign, which shall be mounted at the Oschatz station after its restoration. The law office specializes in cases concerning debt collection, employment law, family law, traffic accident law, public and private building law, criminal law and social law.