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Menschel Limo (a lemonade manufacturer)


Menschel-Limo GmbH
Waltersdorfer Straße 97
02779 Großschönau

Tel.: +49-35841-2100



“Make money by producing lemonades;
we will provide you with all the necessary
machines and beverages at low prices.”

This advertisement in the Zittau morning paper was the beginning of the sparkling lemonades from Hainewalde. Inspired by the offer and given the upcoming birth of his third child, farmer Ernst Menschel decided to use all his savings for the highly praised equipment; a decision he would never regret.

In the summer of 1899, Ernst Menschel sold his first homemade beverages carried on a wheelbarrow. The inhabitants of Hainewald were delighted with the delicious drinks, such as milky sparkling wine or violet and strawberry fizzy drinks. Soon, Ernst Menschel would replace his wheelbarrow with a small horse-drawn vehicle in order to supply the surrounding villages and even Zittau with his products. Later, a truck replaced the horse-drawn vehicle; and in addition to bottles, barrels filled with refreshments are offered now. Numerous customers Germany-wide enjoy the wide selection and freshness of our lemonades.