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edition bohemica
Andreas W. Petrak
Breslauer Straße 18
95497 Goldkronach

Fax: +49-3221-2364690



Literary journeys between Saxony and Bohemia ...

Our concern is to present the railway as a part of cultural history. The publishing program focuses on quality books that address not only railways but also the picturesque landscapes and historical backgrounds regarding the presented railways. Most of our books place special emphasis on Bohemia. However, several writings also depict railways in Saxony or in neighboring regions. Our books can inspire committed photographers, with both an eye for detail and the courage for great landscape photography. Our current editions include a portrait of the Aš-Rossbach-Adorf locomotive line, located in the tri-border region of Bohemia, Bavaria and Saxony. Until 1945, the line ran to the town of Adorf in Vogtland.