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Verein Sächsischer Eisenbahnfreunde e.V.
Paulsstraße 2
09306 Wechselburg

Tel.: +49-176-84901281 (Fam. Krauß)



Schienentrabifahrten VSE

The “Schienentrabi” is a railway service vehicle of the former East German Railways, formerly used by train masters and chief construction inspectors. Its official name was Gleiskraftrad (Rail Motorcycle) Typ 1. However, with drive technology from the Trabant P50, the vehicles have been called “Schienentrabi” by railway enthusiasts since 1990. Now, these vehicles - some over 50 years old - are used for museum purposes only. Experience the crossing of the Mulde river next to Rochlitz castle, which is the highlight of the special ride!