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Nostalgiezugreisen Lipsia e.V.


Nostalgiezugreisen Lipsia e.V.
c/o Katja Zukunft
Dahlienweg 22
01159 Dresden

Tel.: +49-1628224002 (Mo–Fr 17–19 Uhr)




Historic long-distance special trips from Saxony

Nostalgiezugreisen Lipsia e.V. is a small but fine association that specializes in long-distance trips from Saxony and thus complements the travel program of friendly and other clubs. The association currently does not own any vehicles and specializes in the organization of special trips. Through the use of historic vehicles of different owners, the preservation of the vehicles is contributed and worked in harmony with other associations.

Individuality and variety are an important premise in the travel program. In addition to trying summer destinations on the Baltic Sea, great and varied destinations are offered in Central Germany and beyond. Historical passenger coaches from the 70s and 80s with plush seats in the first class and the well-known synthetic leather seats in the second class are always used. In addition, there is also a historic driving force for every train: In addition to historic diesel and electric locomotives from the former Deutsche Reichsbahn, steam locomotives from various partners are also regularly stretched in front of the train. The whole thing is always rounded off by an original MITROPA dining car, in which our gastro team will always provide you with everything your heart desires.