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Leipzig Region

Geopark Porphyrland – Land of Supervolcanoes


Geschäftsstelle des Geoparks Porphyrland. Steinreich in Sachsen e.V.
Leipziger Straße 17a
04668 Grimma

Tel.: +49-3437-707361



Land of Supervolcanoes

The National Geopark Porphyrland. Steinreich covers the area of the Northwest Saxon volcanic rock complex located east of the city of Leipzig. About 290 million years ago, gigantic volcanic eruptions produced several 100-meter-thick volcanic rocks, the so-called rhyolite, across the whole area. The Geopark derives its name from these rocks that are also known as porphyry. So, discover our fascinating region and learn interesting facts about its earth history and geological processes.
You will find numerous geological sights (geotopes) that serve as a window into the history of the earth. Furthermore, our five visitor centers, geoportals, and the GeoErlebnis Werkstatt (experience workshop) in Trebsen make it possible for visitors to experience geology in different forms. And for those who would like to discover and interpret the traces of lava and ice together with GeoRangers, Geopark Porphyrland offers guided hikes, bike tours and interesting speeches.