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O-Schatz-Park, Oschatz


Lebenshilfe e.V. Regionalvereinigung Oschatz
Am Stadtbad 1
04758 Oschatz

Tel.: +49-3435-986000-
Fax: +49-3435-986020



Exploring the O-Schatz Park ...

The O-Schatz Park welcomes its visitors in the middle of Oschatz located in the heart of Saxony, between the towns of Leipzig and Dresden. O-Schatz Park is a free family, animal and recreational park featuring terrific attractions. Discover O-Schatz Park for yourself! You can take a gondola ride on the "Rosensee" lake, take part in a treasure hunt in the park, play miniature golf or watch our animals. We guarantee you that your whole family will enjoy a visit to O-Schatz Park. To be entered into the Guinness Book Of Records, O-Schatz Park collected coffeepots from June 2008 to November 2009. Our collection comprises 20.000 coffeepots.

This collection is on display in the multipurpose hall, the "O". The "O" is also used for family celebrations, work parties, anniversaries, conferences and dances. And of course, there are various highlights in the park throughout the year, such as the Family Day taking place on the first of May every year, the "Lichtermeer am Rosensee" event ("sea of lights at Rosensee lake") or the Halloween party on 31 October. You can easily combine your visit to the park with a narrow gauge train ride. The "Wild Robert" will take you right into the park (Südbahnhof stop). Directly opposite the park, the "Pension am Park" bed and breakfast with its comfortable double and single rooms invites you to stay in Oschatz. We serve fine local cuisine.